Monday, January 23, 2017


"Visibility," is an article that speaks more on the contemplation of art and where the meaning of it actually originates from. A very apt comparison is made to where inspiration for visions or art come from in the form of an iceberg. Very little is actually seen from the surface but most of the substantial body, or inspiration in this case, is hidden from view. Inspiration for how we perceive are is rooted in our own minds and whatever factors shape them. Rather than depict art physically this article makes the case that allowing art to be construed in the mind actually offers a more holistic view. Rather than have the art created solely by the artist, authors have the ability to create art that appeals individually to every beholder. Similarly, when an artist does create a visual work, the idea for this art is perceived only in the eyes of the artist adding the individuality of a human mind and outwardly showing it to the rest of the world. It is impressive to think that each piece of art is formed uniquely by a sole persons mind and whatever causes shaped their mind in a way that outwardly produced an individual art form. An author has the ability to call on people to express this ability by forcing people to visualize how they perceive the art taking a more involved approach. The two approaches are alike in that originality is needed. They differ in the fact that in literary art, the reader is left to visualize and form their own images in their head, while a single artist requires the beholder to try and see into the artists meaning behind their work.

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  1. Hi Nick! I loved your iceberg metaphor, I think it describes this reading perfectly. Success is definitely rooted in the mind, and I believe the imagination can either be our biggest downfall or our largest success, and it is up to us to use it in the most beneficial way possible. :)