Thursday, May 4, 2017

Final Blog Post

My final art project is based on the work of Naum Gabo and his style of constructivism. Gabo primarily made sculptures but this being a 2D design class, I chose to depict what Gabo may make today in a two dimensional format. I followed his normal style of a metallic futuristic like sculpture. Being more modern than when he was creating art however, rather than depict a futuristic machine I created an image depicting binary computer code. This is representative that our future is not based as much in machines but instead will be driven more in the digital world. I used three different sheets of paper to construct each layer with the frame, code, and background of the piece. I tried to have a sense of texture brought to the piece by constructing the frame of my image out of fact tape to give it a metallic look.

I had difficulty at the beginning of the semester as I have never had any real appreciation for art. As I went on though and realized the openness of the assignments I realized that a form of art is in mechanical design and specifically in cars which I do appreciate. The openness of each of our class projects was extremely helpful for me because virtually every project we did I was able to find a concept that I could relate to and appreciate. Throughout further study of the artist that I focused in on this semester I even realized that Gabo actually studied engineering. My biggest take away form this class is realizing that art is in more places than just on a canvas in a museum. I don't see anyway to improve this aspect of the class, I appreciate that we were all able to find topics that fit our own interest and stay within the given guidelines.