Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 Student Exhibition

I visited the student exhibition this past week in the fine arts gallery. One exhibit that drew my attention more than the others was the exhibition on pets. These were visual paintings appearing to adore animals that could be found in most homes. One painting that I chose to focus on was a close up of a dog's face. The focal point of the piece is the dog's eyes which appear very life like. The brush strokes around the dog's face appear to give the fur lifelike qualities and even though it is clearly a painting it has the realistic characteristics of a photograph.

Light City at Loyola

The on campus event that I chose to attend first was Light City on Loyola's campus. The three exhibitions that caught my attention most were the digital projection of art pieces inside the student center, the large "L" that was in front of humanities, and the motion projection of art that was outside the student center. The digital art depictions displayed on the glass instantly made the art pieces appear modern even for pieces that were over a century old. By changing the medium of which the art piece is viewed it changes the interpretation of the piece. The large "L" outside of Humanities was more of just a fun art piece that was pleasing to view. The changing colors draw in observers from a distance away and it is only on approach that the "L" becomes distinct form a mass of light. The planetary motion projection was my favorite piece form the event. It reminded me more of a short movie than a traditional art piece and held my attention longer. Rather than analyze one image I was viewing a series of movements.