Thursday, March 30, 2017

Post Modernism

The articles I read on post modernism were difficult for me to form an opinion on. What I gathered from them is that post modernism is the unification of many cultures and types of art into the formation of one project. Traits from numerous regions of the globe form together to create one unique identity in it's respective field. An example was given of coke in that they take capitalism as well as traits scene from buddhist and hindu through their advertisement campaigns that would never ordinarily go together. These unlike things would never be expected to conform with one another and instead not only conform together, but create unique ideas that make up nearly every aspect of our everyday modern lives.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


An interesting thing I noted in Kubler's article was the emphasis he placed on the similarities between scientists and artists yet the different treatment they receive. Historically advances in science are spoken of more often than that of artists. Additionally Kubler emphasizes specialization among scientists and its's similarities to artists. A physicist is not expected to understand or be successful at biology just as two artists may be masters of different fields but not broadly a master at art. A physicist is not a waste roof science in the broadest sense similar to an artist.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Data Visualization

I enjoyed the video about data visualization because it expanded on the possibility of using data visualization for a purpose other than that of a standard art form. There is a form of practicality that can be utilized through the use of data visualization. I have seen data visualization from working in a restaurant. I took the data on the number of food items sold in a given week and then created a new menu based off of the information. The data visualization here did not necessarily create an art but it did create a menu from the affects of its analysis. Art typically conveys a message just as data does. Data transmits a message to improve or analyze something while normal art analysis also conveys a message.